Kahuna Massage Noosa

Kahuna Massage Noosa

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Kahuna Massage Sessions

Warm organic coconut oil mixed with macadamia oil gently nourishing your skin.  Long flowing strokes from your head to your toes.  Your mind wanders, not sure if it will be back... for a while any way!  Your muscles relax, tension rapidly disappears.  Every cell in your body leaves feeling renewed.

Nurture Me Now...

Energy Healing Sessions

Soft.  Gentle.  Nurturing.  Feel warmth, tingling, or nothing.  Sense many different awarenesses or not.  Each experience is different, because you are different, everyday.  What will you choose today?

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Body Bliss Massage Noosa Services

Kahuna Massage

The dream boat of massage in noosa. Relaxation guaranteed. Coming back to live in this reality - optional! A massage experience like no other. A truly deep healing session.

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Access Bars

A gentle, nurturing body process from Access Consciousness where points on your head are energetically activated – allows you to enjoy a profoundly different life… if you choose!

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Energy Healing

A gentle hands on process that allows your body to come back into balance with ease. What could change? How much more ease could you have in your body and life?

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"Body Bliss is the perfect name for this experience - Deep relaxation and healing in a safe environment.  Thanks for holding the space for this amazing experience Scott.  I  loved it!  :)"

Abby, Sydney

"I had the most amazing experience, Kahuna Massage and then Bars - the best I have ever had and my body felt so good after. Scott is so tuned into your needs and your body's needs. Definitely will repeat this very soon. Thanks and good luck for your future."

Brian, New Zealand

"Scott performed one of the best therapeutic massages I have ever experienced.  His attention to detail and working trouble areas was great and beneficial to my whole body and truly a great experience all round.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting a spiritual and therapeutic experience and body well being."

Grant Trablyn-Bow, Callarey, NSW

"An exceptional massage that left me feeling completely peaceful and happy and my whole body feeling great.  Scott has great healing energy.  Thoroughly recommend Kahuna Massage."

Irene Rogers, Brisbane

"Today's massage was one of the best Kahuna I've had in Australia. The physical relaxation was one thing but the mental process was one I wasn't expecting. I found in just an hour, problems that had been bothering me formed into a core and left me. Thank you Scott!"

Julia Wilson - Comedian, Sydney

"Hi Scott, Many thanks to you for a wonderful Kahuna Massage. I had never had this type of massage before, so it was such a pleasant surprise! I have had very sore hips and I noticed already that they are not so tight and achey. Combining the Bars session after the massage was definitely the way to go. I will let you know how I progress over the next few weeks. We will be back for sure when next in noosa."

Pamela, New Zealand

"Having bodywork with Scott Murray is like no other I've had - and I've been a professional bodyworker for 32 years! My body just hummed during and after the sessions and continued to change in the days following."

Shauna Teaken - Bodyworker, Brisbane

"Being a self confessed massage junky, I am always a bit apprehensive about changing masseurs, I liked Scott’s philosophy and values and decided to give him a try. Well, to say the least the 1 ½ hr massage I had with him took me on a wonderful journey not only healing my physical ailments but going deep and allowing inner healing to happen. I will definitely revisit as well as recommend- it is a true blessing when you find a massage therapist/ healer that works intuitively, Thanks Scott!"

Tanya Freyling, Noosa

"Kahuna is the ultimate in massage. I have regularly been getting kahuna massages from Scott for over 6 months now. I place heavy demands on my body during the week working outdoors as a tradesman and training in a crossfit gym. Scott tunes in to the trouble areas giving them the particular attention they deserve to help keep me in peak condition. Scott's demenour allows me to discuss  freely the going ons in my life and I'm sure his sound advice coupled with the massage also helps clear emotional blockages that contribute to body pains. I have no hesitation in recommending a Body Bliss massage!"

Terry Adcock - Plumber and Crossfit Junky

"I am so thankful you were able to do my massage today Scott.  I came in feeling very tight and strained through my shoulders & neck and you were able to melt the stress away.  Gratitude for your strong nurturing hands.  I am leaving feeling blissed and peaceful!!  Heartfelt gratitude for you."

Tricia Mann, Noosa

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