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Body Bliss Massage Health and Wellness is were I like to share with you healthy tips and products that will make a difference to improving the quality of your life. The Kahuna Massage and Energy Healing works on assisting you to add more ease, joy and freedom into your body and life. I only recommend products that are natural or homeopathic or can assist your body by being readily absorbed on a cellular level. To Your Blissful Body!


Scott Murray - Thursday, October 29, 2015
Waking up in Brisbane after a full day of Kahuna Massaging to the sounds of traffic and morning commuters - not my idea of bliss or nurturing! Lucky its only once a fortnight. Drinking water is always first on my nurture list. To sit and ponder the day ahead by myself is a rare gem I only get to do in Brisbane, for that I am truly grateful for. My running shoes are staring at me.  ..

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10 DAYS OF NURTURE IN NOOSA (Brisbane Today!) - DAY 9

Scott Murray - Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Most days I am blessed with flexible timing - my work day can be adjusted with ease, so if I feel the urge to go for a run, walk or juice at a moments notice, I can. Not today though. I leave for Brisbane at 8am with back to back clients until 9.30pm. It's a big day and I plan it that way. I've discovered over the years that I am better off working for a few days really intensively a ..

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