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Body Bliss Massage Health and Wellness is were I like to share with you healthy tips and products that will make a difference to improving the quality of your life. The Kahuna Massage and Energy Healing works on assisting you to add more ease, joy and freedom into your body and life. I only recommend products that are natural or homeopathic or can assist your body by being readily absorbed on a cellular level. To Your Blissful Body!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal Burnout Relief

Scott Murray - Monday, November 09, 2015
Feeling a little tired or burnt out? Loads of people I am speaking to and who are coming in for sessions are asking for relief from these conditions. So I thought I'd put pen to paper again and share what we have been offering. I try to offer a selection of choices because I know everybody has a different bias for healing techniques/modalities/mediums that they feel will work fo ..

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10 DAYS OF NURTURE IN NOOSA (Brisbane Today!) - DAY 9

Scott Murray - Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Most days I am blessed with flexible timing - my work day can be adjusted with ease, so if I feel the urge to go for a run, walk or juice at a moments notice, I can. Not today though. I leave for Brisbane at 8am with back to back clients until 9.30pm. It's a big day and I plan it that way. I've discovered over the years that I am better off working for a few days really intensively a ..

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Scott Murray - Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Running trough the Noosa National Park is one of the highlights of my week but today I was feeling like something a little flatter. So I choose to run from Noosa Waters, in Noosaville to Hasting Street, Noosa Heads. Lucky for me I didn't check how far it was before I left. What I thought would be a flat 8-ish kilometres turned into a 12km+ run. It is very flat and mostly shaded thoug ..

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Scott Murray - Monday, October 26, 2015
The serenity of yoga on the beach at noosa, waves gently lapping the shore line creating a lulling 'Om' sound of their own. The ebb and flow similar to the long flowing strokes of a decadent Lomi Lomi Massage with hands and forearms gently caressing your body. The warm oil nourishes your skin as it soaks into the cells. The soft music lulling you off into a deep sleep..."DAD!!!" O ..

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10 Days of Nurture in Noosa - Day 1

Scott Murray - Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Living in Noosa, one of the most beautiful places in the world, we are spoilt for choice for the variety of things you can do and explore to nurture yourself. Being a Kahuna Massage Therapist I encourage clients to nurture themselves everyday. Figuring it was about time I walked my talk, I set out on a mission to focus on nurturing myself for 10 days (sometimes I leave myself to las ..

body bliss kahuna massage noosa 10 days of nurture running
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Stress and the Art of Blissful Living

Scott Murray - Thursday, July 09, 2015
Were are you at with life right now? Are you in a state of stress, or living a blissful life? Which ever one you are choosing to experience, the other often seems like a far off, distant space. And really its not. If you are feeling stressed now, choosing blissful living is only a few steps away. If you are choosing blissful living, a state of stress may be a distant memory, or someth ..

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Vitamin C Benefits or the Flu Shot Side Effects

Scott Murray - Friday, June 12, 2015
With the so called winter upon us many people go into the thought pattern of "It's winter, I always catch a cold" or "Everybody seems to be getting the flu, i wonder if I will?" Many people even choose 'The Flu Shot' as an option to staying healthy in winter. Interestingly enough most of the people I know who chose this in previous years got the flu worse then ever. Being a ..

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On The Move

Scott Murray - Thursday, May 28, 2015
Have you been on the move? The reason I ask, is with the cooler weather we all tend to slow down and be less active (and some add a few extra unwanted kilos for winter warmth). Slowing down is ideal at this time of year. I've recently taken an axe to my calendar and reduced the amount of things I have going on so I can have more still time and focus on myself and the changes tha ..

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Pain in Head

Scott Murray - Saturday, January 24, 2015
What is the underlying reason for pain in the head? Your head has some relationship to the pain you experience in all areas of your body. Your head is about your awareness of what is happening, moment by moment in your life and how you perceive this. Your thinking gives you your individual perceptions, your perceptions give you your choices and your choices ..

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Pain in the Neck

Scott Murray - Tuesday, January 22, 2013
What is the underlying reason for pain in the neck? Human necks are another part of your body where many experience pain. A healthy neck can move up and down and from side to side with ease. Does your neck do this? Can your neck make these movements with ease? If not have a look at an area of your life where you are being rigid, where you won&rsq ..

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