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Organic Coconut Oil Health Benefits

The health benefits of virgin organic coconut oil are many and varied. I have used it as a professional kahuna massage therapist for many years. My clients and family have experienced a wide variety of changes in their health because of this. I wish the same for you if you choose...

Coconut Oil and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Scott Murray - Friday, April 13, 2012

Organic coconut oil may provide a vital solution to Chronic Fatigue System (CFS).  The fatty acids in coconut oil can kill herpes, Epstein-Barr viruses, candida, giardia and a variety of other infectious organisms, any of which could contribute to chronic fatigue.

 Some doctors believe it is not the particular germ or organism that matters - any combination of factors or conditions that depress the immune system can lead to CFS.  According to them, the key to overcoming CFS is strengthening the immune system. Or to just get more sleep, the solution that was offered to me.  Which was a little challenging when I had 2 children to look after and work as well, which was quite physical - Kahuna Massage!

 Coconut oil supports the immune system by ridding the body of harmful microorganisms, thus relieving stress on the body.  With fewer harmful organisms taxing the body's energy, the immune system can function better.

Coconut oil also provides a quick source of energy and stimulates metabolism.  This boost in energy not only lifts the spirit but promotes faster healing.

The higher the body's metabolism, the more efficient the immune system and the quicker the body can heal and repair itself.

So not only can coconut oil contribute to a faster healing journey, it also has no side effects like most ineffective prescription drugs.

Next time you are feeling lack lustre and limp, having a spoonful of coconut oil may be just the pick up your body requires.  If taken daily it can really make a difference to your health, energy levels and therefore your quality of life.

Here's to you having more energy than you could possible require



 *Medical facts taken from "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Dr Bruce Fife

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