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Energy Healing

Energy healing or cellular healing as some people refer to it, is a subtle form of healing that can benefit many different conditions in the body and being.  There really is nothing mystical about it, although the benefits and results can be quite profound.  I place my hands on your body in various locations and run energy through these points.  The effects are often felt all over the body, even though I may be working on your head or feet.

What happens in the session is entirely up to you.  My hands are mealy a conduit for the energy to flow.  What are you willing to receive?  Usually we'll talk first about what you would like assistance with for your body or life.  Then I will be guided as to where to commence work on you body.  Be clear on what you ask for, you may just receive it!  One of my recent clients was about to go in for surgery on his knee after a soccer injury.  After 2 healing sessions he no longer had any pain in his knee and miraculously didn't require surgery, and I have many more examples of this type of healing taking place.

I have no control over the outcome of the session, but together we can create magic.

Would you be willing to receive it?

If so then call Scott on 0434 245 706,  to find a time when you can experience Energy Healing for yourself!

It may be just the thing you have been looking for but didn't know it!

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